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Assembly PRESIDIUM at Russian Academy of Sciences, Conferment of diploma of Foreign Member to RAS to Professor Tsatsakis, 20 Iune, 2017


June 20, 2017 at Assembly PRESIDIUM Russian Academy of Sciences, Conferment of diploma of Foreign Member to RAS to Professor Tsatsakis by President Kozlov V. A great honor acknowledging contributions in science for society in Europe and worldwide and collaboration with Russian academic institutions.   Acknowledging friends present during ceremony in National Academy of Sciences and after that in sight seeing of...

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Lecture at Institute Neurobiology at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia 30 November 2017 on Long Life Risks and Ageing


With director of institute prof Kalfin and prof Gozes editor J mol neurosciences Prof Dishovski and colleagues.Young scientists short oral presentations on day 2 at adequate level to mention...

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Conferment of Honorary membership and Wellcome dinner by the Bulgarian Toxicology Society and the BgTS ERT registry at Sofia 29 November 2017


With president of society karolina Lioubomirovna and EC members and president of the registry prof Christophor Dishovsky living legend of Bulgarian Toxicology

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A memory from 24 November 2017 lecture in Chonnam university South Korea at the department of Biotechnology


Nutritional and supplement aspects as factors for inhibiting aging processesOur collaboration with renown biotechnologist prof. Chung continues and beside issues for genetically Modified crops enters aging process modulation.

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Aging concepts nowadays and Risks from Life style exposures by Prof Aristidis Tsatsakis at opening of Toxicology congress, 3 November 2017, Bucharest, Romania


With colleagues Felix Carvalho from Porto and Antonio Hernandez from Granada and Daniela and Felicia and Miriana and Cristina and Monica and Andreea and Daniel and Carolina.Successfully on going .....  

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The 1st International ATAVET Student Congress, Ataturk University Vetmed Faculty, 18-20 October 2017, Erzurum, Turkey


With glamorous honors the Rector and Dean of Ataturk University in Erzurum welcome the plenary lecture of professor Tsatsakis on Challenges for Toxicology in 21st century - Risks from life exposures and ageing process modulation in full grandeur Hall of the university holding its 60 years anniversary in 2017, 18 October 2017.Progress is in science and collaboration.    

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Professor Tsatsakis is Director at the Toxicology Science and Research Centre in the Department of Forensic Sciences of the Medical School in the University of Crete and The University Hospital.