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Immuno-Dermatology Conference, 19 September 2019, Bucharest, Romania


Symposium lecture: Advances on Telomeres Research - Defining Biomarkers for Aging and Chronic Diseases

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EUROTOX 2023 Congress Organization in Athens


On behalf of Hellenic Society of Toxicology and Prof Tsatsakis we would like to thank all representatives of European Toxicology Societies of the EUROTOX business council meeting and the executive and core EUROTOX committees for the trust to organize the congress. It’s a great challenge and a dream ...

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EUROTOX 2019 Symposiums, 8 - 11 September, Helsinki, Finland


EUROTOX 2019 Opening ceremony    Symposium on biomarkers for ageing and chronic diseases: telomeres and metabolomics: Drs Basak Engin, Corin Badiu, Felix Carvalho, Dimitris Tsoukalas,  Aristidis Tsatsakis, Hilmi Orhan    Symposium on Real Life Risks Simulations: Comprehensive toxicology studies and integration of separate lines of evidence: Drs Aristidis Tsatsakis, Antonio Hernandez, Anca Docea, Dimitris Kouretas and Juha Laakso   Symposium controversies in policy for genetically modified organisms – GMOs: Advancing...

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24th Interdisciplinary Toxicology Conference "TOXCON", Slovak Toxicology Society SETOX, Vyhne, 26 - 28 June, 2019, Slovakia


Keynote Lecture at TOXCON 2019 on timely Drivers of Toxicology for Precision Medicine Honored as Honorary member of the Slovakia Society of Toxicology at Vyhne during TOXCON. Memory photo with Elena Michail and Mojmir. Vyhne a beautiful place for Congress venue.  

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Professor Tsatsakis is Director at the Toxicology Science and Research Centre in the Department of Forensic Sciences of the Medical School in the University of Crete and The University Hospital.