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Clinical environmental investigations conducted in Sparta Township,  Sussex County, New Jersey USA identified toxic agents and barrier injuring particulates as being present in cases involving neurotoxic and allergic respiratory disorders. The scheduled environmental exposure investigations and studies were performed with selected patients  during the 20-22 March 2015 visit with  the subClinical Research Group (New Jersey, USA),scientists including Professor Aristides Tsatsakis president of the European Union of Toxicologists and Professor Joseph Dumanov in conjunction with  Pulmonary Medical Associates of Sussex County,  performed clinical environmental exposure and risk assessments for patients identifying toxicological and particulate factors that were the  causes, contributing or aggravating factors to their disorders. Read moreā€¦

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Professor Tsatsakis is Director at the Toxicology Science and Research Centre in the Department of Forensic Sciences of the Medical School in the University of Crete and The University Hospital.